My Personal ‘Start Stop Continue’ Plan For Non-Optical Allyship


As protests over the murder of George Floyd and systemic racial injustice continue throughout the United States, interest in being an “ally” to the Black community is at an all-time high. Like many other white Americans, I’ve come to realize that being “not racist” is not enough. I’m learning what it means to be anti-racist and learning how I can take a more active role in advocating for social justice reform.

Showing my support on Instagram and Facebook is a convenient start. But I wondered, how can I go beyond optical allyship? I quickly found with simple internet searches that there are already many long lists of recommended actions. In fact, there are so many ideas available I was overwhelmed. 

It occurred to me that the “Start, Stop, Continue” framework, which is a time-tested model for personal and team development, might be helpful. By design, its purpose is to create a shorter list of action items that can be executed right away; it’s an iterative process that never really ends. Hopefully, my own list below will inspire you to choose specific actions for the months ahead. 

3 Things To Start Doing

3 Things To Stop Doing

  • Stop being a bystander when I hear an inappropriate joke, a stereotype, or pejorative term
  • Stop being afraid to speak up because I’m afraid I’ll get the words wrong (better to be part of the conversation and to be corrected)
  • Stop thinking it’s hopeless and my actions won’t make a difference

3 Things To Continue Doing

  • Continue to acknowledge my privilege, and use it to advocate for racial equality
  • Continue to talk to my children and extended family members about social justice in a constructive manner
  • Continue the momentum into the voting booth (consider candidates’ positions on social justice)

Being an effective white ally to the Black community will be a continuous process. This start-stop-continue list is just the beginning. 

Kevin Kruse is the founder and CEO of LEADx, and the author of We, Great Leaders Have No Rules.

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