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Each month, over 100 of your peers gather via Zoom for 90-minutes (in a no-selling environment) to review trends, collaborate on challenges, and share resources and toolkits. The next session will be held on June 14th at 2:00 ET / 11:00 PT.

Our agenda for this session:

  • Author Amy Edmondson: Amy Edmondson is a Professor of Leadership at Harvard Business School. Known for her work on psychological safety and teaming, she will share about her new book Right Kind of Wrong: The Science of Failing Well.*
    *Attendees will receive a free copy of her book.
  • "What's Working Best" in Leadership Development: Three heads of leadership development will have 10 minutes each to share what's working best for them and why.
  • Networking Breakout Groups: Meet leadership development professionals from other organizations to discuss your work.

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"I just finished a weeklong training conference, and I learned more and received more value from one session with the community than I did in that entire week-long conference. I got connections, content, materials, and new vendors to fit my situation."
Kim Zimmerman
Inspire Brands Leadership Development Manager

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"I don't want to miss these sessions. I learned so much in my first meeting, it completely revolutionized how I was approaching the training that I'm doing."
Jamie Tancrell
Corporate Tools, Leadership Development Manager
"LEADx puts on a FANTASIC monthly roundtable with well known experts in the field...Great learning and opportunity to engage with the experts and practitioners in various companies around North America."
Larnise JohnsonBoain
Reinsurance Group of America, Executive Director, Global Leadership & Organization Development
"Thank you to everyone at LEADx for the great content and community that you have put together. This is my most enjoyable and valuable meeting that I attend each month. I truly believe that this community is out to change the world."
Bruce DeRuntz
Director, Leadership Development Program and Professor at Illinois State University
"Thank you so much for the follow up and the event! I just recently joined this group and so far I am LOVING it and so glad I joined. Already it’s been valuable to hear insights and get new ideas about how we can make our L&D programs better at Choice Bank."
Kärsten Jensen
Learning and Culture Development Manager at Choice Bank
"You guys are doing a great job with these meetings. I really appreciate the opportunity to connect with others in my space, hearing from the authors, and receiving the free books!"
Anthony McClanahan
Parkland Hospital, Manager, Leadership Development