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Amy Morin

3 Things Every Parent Should Avoid

Kevin Kruse: Whether we're leading our team at work or leading our kids at home, there are some things we just shouldn't do. Today...

PODCAST #192: Great Parents Do These 3 Things | Amy Morin

Amy Morin is a psychotherapist, a lecturer at Northeastern University, and a bestselling author. Her first book, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do, stemmed from an article that was read by more than 50 million people. Her new book teaches parents the unhealthy habits to avoid if you want to raise mentally strong kids. It’s called 13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don't Do: Raising Self-assured Children.

PODCAST #191: How To Give Effective Feedback (Part 2)

Part two of How To Give Effective Feedback, for managers who want to both improve performance and increase employee engagement.

Work-Life Balance: Debunking the Myth (Time Management)

I found the secret to work-life balance completely by accident. As a goal-oriented workaholic, I was mystified how other people seemed to be able to...

PODCAST #190: Weekly Wrapup And Q&A | Kevin Kruse & Tara Millette

NY Times best selling author, Kevin Kruse, and LEADx editor, Tara Millette, answer listener questions about leadership, productivity, entrepreneurship and more.

PODCAST #189: 7 Responses To Get Out Of Awkward Workplace Interactions | Alicia Bassuk

Alicia Bassuk is a leadership coach, speaker, author, and the founder of leadership development firm Ubica. Her clients include professional athletes, C-level executives, presidential appointees, and entrepreneurs. How can you handle any tricky work situation?

7 Phrases That Will Get You Out Of Tricky Situations

I sit down and I wonder, "Okay. What's my brain going to do to surprise me today?" And that's the only way that I'm going to find out.
I am grateful gratitude wooden heart

We Know We Ought To Be Grateful, But…

Life is filled with irony. As the talent development specialist for my company, I contribute regularly to our internal company newsletter. At the beginning of 2017,...

PODCAST #188: The 3 Things First Time Managers Should Be Doing | Heide Abelli

Heide Abelli is Senior Vice President at Skillsoft where she leads the development of leadership training. She is also an adjunct professor at the Boston College Carroll School of Management. What are the new skills we need as managers and leaders?
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