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The One Trait All Leaders Need, Courtesy Of Special Forces

I'm really grateful the way it turned out because going through that, and having so many people tell me that I would fail, was the biggest confidence boost I could get at age 17 and it was exactly what I needed.

A Completionist’s Guide To Not Completing: The Struggle To Say “No” (Time Management)

I'm a completionist—when I’ve set my mind to complete a task, I do it. This may sound like a positive trait, but that’s only...
vintage moving truck

Collaboration: Four Tips Learned from Packing a Truck (Builds Teams)

It was hot…really, hot. In front of us was a large SUV with the back open, waiting expectantly.  Behind us were boxes, a chair...

Why Innovation Is Going To Keep You Competitive

How can we ensure that our teams innovate and stay competitive? Fostering innovation, much like creativity and productivity, depends largely on the environment. Countless startups...

PODCAST #122: Overcome Obstacles With These Keys To Leadership | Christopher Wirth

In this episode, Kevin discusses how to overcome any obstacle with guest, Christopher Wirth. Chris is an executive coach, trainer and keynote speaker. He is the founder and President of 'No Quit Living' and the host of a popular podcast of the same name.

PODCAST #121: Start Using This Skill To Become A Greater Leader | Gary B....

In this episode, Kevin discusses the questions you should be asking as a leader with guest, Gary B. Cohen. Gary founded a company when he was just out of college, with $4,000 and two employees, and he quickly grew it to over 2,200 employees and went public on the NASDAQ. Today, he’s the managing partner and co-founder of 'CO2 Partners,' an executive coaching and leadership development firm. His book is 'Just Ask Leadership: Why Great Managers Always Ask the Right Questions.'

The Step You Need For Amazing Employee Engagement

The biggest thing I came away from that with was ongoing communication, and then I think I built some trust by reporting back. I showed them the real numbers.

Why Blaming Other People is Stupid (and what to do instead)

The life you live offers an array of lessons on a daily basis. Almost about everything you do, experience, see, hear, and feel provides you...
Kevin Harrington's #1 Productivity Tip

Bad Business Writing is Killing Productivity: An Interview with Josh Bernoff

Business writer Josh Bernoff is a coach who helps individuals and organizations improve their writing. Bernoff’s latest book is called Writing Without Bullshit: Boost Your Career by...
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