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How to be more direct

Some Direction About Being Direct

As early as the 10th grade, I can remember a friend saying, “Kenneth, you have no tact.”  It’s true, I can be a pretty...

PODCAST #104: Here’s How Leaders Can Get Back On Track | Tanveer Naseer

In this episode, Kevin discusses leadership vertigo with guest, Tanveer Naseer. He has been named by Inc magazine as one of the top 100 leadership experts, ranked as one of the top 15 Leadership Bloggers in the world, and HR Examiner’s Top 25 Online Influencers in Leadership. You may have already seen his work in places like Fast Company, and The Globe and Mail. He is a keynote speaker and executive coach, and today we’re talking to him about his book, 'Leadership Vertigo: Why Even the Best Leaders Go Off Course and How They Can Get Back On Track.'

Hyper Cannibalism: How To Become Innovative

Reach out to leaders in the space that you want to be and literally put up your hands and do work for free.

PODCAST #103: How Quiet Time Helps With Stress And Boosts Creativity | Justin Talbot-Zorn...

In this episode, Kevin discusses how the busier you are, the more you need quiet time with guests, Justin Talbot-Zorn and Leigh Marz. Justin is a Truman National Security Fellow and public policy consultant. And he’s been a regular meditation teacher on Capitol Hill, where he also served as Legislative Director for three different members of Congress. Leigh is former nonprofit executive director, and today is an organizational consultant, coach, and organizer of retreats for leading universities and federal agencies.

The Only Two Things You Need To Be Persuasive

People like to work with you, they don't like to work for you, if they have the option.

Four Ways to Counteract Unintended Bias (Values Differences)

Everyone has biases. The only thing worse than having a bias is not realizing that you do. It is in the knowing that there...
Radical Candor

Lead by Caring and Challenging: An Interview with “Radical Candor” author Kim Scott

In this just-posted interview with Chuck Leddy, "Radical Candor" author Kim Scott explains how managers and leaders must do two things well: (1) care...

Six Muppet-Inspired Leadership Lessons

Before Saturday Night Live, Kids in the Hall, and In Living Color, The Muppet Show was my comedy variety show. If I can give...

PODCAST #102: The Art Of Being Awesome | Cam F. Awesome

In this episode, we're going to talk about resilience and bouncing back from failure with our guest, Cam F. Awesome. He is a champion heavyweight boxer, who also happens to be a vegan. He lands punches in the ring, and punchlines in comedy clubs as a standup comic. He travels around the country as a keynote speaker, inspiring audiences with his life story and teaching principles of goal setting and resilience. And, he recently won his fifth Golden Gloves national championship.
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