Steve Gutzler

Steve Gutzler
Having coached and trained CEOs, Presidents, professional athletes, and world-class organizations, Steve’s insights have gained a reputation around the world as an authority on high performance leadership, emotional intelligence for exceptional leadership, growing leaders at every level, and accelerated sales success.

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Achiever® Theme (CliftonStrengths®, formerly StrengthsFinder®)

Workhorse or workaholic? You’ve been called both– and sometimes it’s hard even for you to tell the difference. As an Achiever, you are driven by an insatiable need to accomplish something tangible every day, including weekends and vacations, or you consider the day wasted. Your formidable stamina enables you to move at a pace most people cannot keep up with, and you have little tolerance for those who fall behind. You derive immense satisfaction from being busy and productive. Without a new challenge or task, you feel lost.