Ten Bulletproof Ways To Increase Your Energy

Photo: Adobe Stock/John Keith

I often say in my leadership keynotes and presentations, “You can't get more time, only more energy.” The ultimate time-management secret isn't about time at all. You can't manage time but you can manage your energy.

Today, people are fading. Burnout is on the rise and 90% of business executives say they are feeling the affects of burnout.

During a recent leadership development day with senior leaders at a large company, nearly 75% who took my Energy Assessment indicated a score of fading energy and several indicated they felt burnt out.

The most productive and healthy leaders take more breaks. 

Recent research from The Energy Project shows that humans move from full potential and energy to physiological fatigue every 90-minutes. Our bodies send us signals to rest and renew, but we override them with coffee, energy drinks, or sugar hits.

A better solution… 

Think in terms of “pulse and pause.” Take 90-minutes for goal-focused work followed by a short break to drink water or have a healthy snack.

The Draugiem Group installed software to track time and productivity of their employees. They discovered the top 10% and their most productive group worked 52-minutes and then took a 17-minute break.

Remember, energy starts with health! 

Here are ten bulletproof ways to increase your energy and power-up productivity:
1. Get more sleep, not less.
A minimum of 7-8 hours is recommended.

2. Decrease your caffeine intake, especially late in the day.
I'm on week five of no coffee or caffeine. I was doing it for three weeks to reset, but I feel much better so I'm continuing. 

3. Minimize alcohol consumption. 
Try a tonic water as a substitute.

4. Focus on whole food choices and cut back on processed foods.

5. Maintain a healthy weight.

6. Remember your #1 energy source is water.
Drink a lot of it! 

7. Exercise 4-5 times per week and remember, walking counts! 

8. Try the 4-7-8 breathing exercise.
Try it at noon or early in the evening. 

  • Close your mouth and inhale quietly through your nose as you count to four.
  • Hold your breath for a count of seven.
  • Exhale through your mouth making a “whoosh” sound to a count of eight. 
  • Repeat three times. 

Breathing can help you relax, reduce stress, and increase energy! 

9. Take the steps. 
Whenever possible, take the steps rather than the elevator. Welcome walking and increase your daily steps. 

10. Stretch.
Even five-minutes of stretching can increase flexibility, energy, and oxygen in your body. 

Final tip: Productivity is about energy and focus, not time!

Here's to increasing your energy!

— Steve
Having coached and trained CEOs, Presidents, professional athletes, and world-class organizations, Steve’s insights have gained a reputation around the world as an authority on high performance leadership, emotional intelligence for exceptional leadership, growing leaders at every level, and accelerated sales success.