10 Strategies To Building Unstoppable Teams

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Teamwork and success are built on vision, excellence, and unstoppable mindsets. 

Does your team feel unstoppable? Do they feel failures or setbacks are temporary?

As a leader, you are responsible for getting your team “in the flow” — it's the belief they cannot be stopped.

I was recently at the extraordinary LinkedIn Global Procurement Summit and was privileged to speak on the Power of Influence and Impactful Leadership and Unleash the Leader Inside You. One of my key points was getting into an unstoppable mindset towards success— like a Special Ops Seal, Greenbrae, Delta Force, or Ranger.

It sounds a little radical but unstoppable teams start with unstoppable leaders. Set your goals, align your targets, and stand by your mission to be unstoppable!

Here are 10 Strategies to Building Unstoppable Teams:
1. Set a vision that is on-fire— something compelling, a “daring destination.”
2. Reference the past but put the future on the BIG SCREEN— make it vivid and colorful.
3. Create a culture of excellence— your team will set the new standard to chase.
4. Rally around goals that will stretch and demand your best of mind and soul.
5. Inspire your team to be unique and demonstrate remarkable character of strength.
6. Tell compelling stories about other industry leaders who conquered.
7. Challenge each member of your team to commit to excellence, both personally and professionally.
8. Model leadership daily— put extra passion into your efforts and communication.
9. Welcome accountability and have healthy check points to stay on track.
10. Ask: How will we build our success and what will be measured?

Now is the time to build an unstoppable team. The competition is not waiting— outperform them, outwork them, and out-build your unstoppable team!

Review this checklist and infuse one or two strategies this week!

Here's to your unstoppably team!
— Steve


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