The Science And Benefits To Positive Thinking

Photo: Adobe Stock/ Marek

I've spent almost two decades investing in leaders— pouring vital information into the importance of attitudes, emotions, and moods. At times, it has felt like an uphill battle and some have devalued the prioritization of what I teach. Soft skills are nice but we need to move the needle in business, and science is backing me up on that statement. It's not soft, it's hard-edge leadership benefits… think about it.

According to the University of Wisconsin- Madison, “There is a science that is emerging that says a positive attitude isn't just a state of mind. It also has linkages to what's going on in the brain and in the body.”

  • Lower cardiovascular risk
  • Lower levels of stress hormone, cortisol
  • Less inflammation
  • Strengthened immune system
According to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, thinking positive results in the following health benefits:
  • Decreased negative stress
  • Greater resistance to the common cold and flu
  • A sense of well-being and improved health
  • Reduced risk of coronary artery disease
  • Easier breathing and reduction of lung disease
  • Improved coping skills during hardships and setbacks

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being “not good at all” and 10 being “outstanding,” how would you rate yourself as a positive thinker?

Leadership reminders:
1. Your positive thinking releases the potential of what is possible through you. Stay positive, think positive, and speak positive!
2. Your positive thinking draws toward your positive responses. It sets in motion the law of attraction. Everything grows and is drawn toward the sun, light, and the positive.
3. Your positive thinking keeps life in perspective. Don't make mountains out of molehills. Life is short, keep your perspective positive.

Attention leaders, your attitude and positive thinking matters. It can turn a stale, sour environment into a radiant, innovative, and upbeat culture.

Today, and all week, think positive!

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