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How To Help Your Team Master The Learning Curve

What's the right way to support new hires in their first six months, how can you challenge them for a few years after that, and how do you engage employees who've already peaked out and achieved mastery?

PODCAST #262: The Key To Supporting Your New Hires | Whitney Johnson

Whitney Johnson has been named one of the 50 leading business thinkers in the world, and is one of Marshall Goldsmith's #100 Coaches; she's a Coach for Harvard Business School's Executive Education program, and her new book is Build an A-Team: Play to Their Strengths and Lead Them Up the Learning Curve.

PODCAST #261: Work On Your Career, Not Your Job | Kevin Kruse

NY Times best selling author, Kevin Kruse answers listener questions about leadership, productivity, entrepreneurship and more.

The Big Small Idea (Builds Strong Relationships)

I’ve had several roaming thoughts this past week that culminated into a beautiful, slightly painful, self-awareness. And yes, this is still a culture tip....

Speak Your Customer’s Language To Serve Them More Effectively

When I was doing some client work in Osaka, Japan, years ago, I was well cared for by my hosts and expat Americans who...

Motivate Your Team – Avoid This Mistake (Accountability)

Early in my career, I made a critical mistake that’s very common, even when you’re a leader who cares and wants to motivate your...
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How To Lead Millennials Without Losing Your Mind

Born in the early 1980's, through the early 2000's, are members of generation Y, what we know as "millennials." This is the first generation...
Purple Carrot CEO Andy Levitt

The CEO Of Purple Carrot Discusses Leadership And Balance

Kevin Kruse: Hey everyone. Kevin Kruse here. Welcome back to another episode of the LEADx leadership show where I'm trying to make you into...

PODCAST #260: Leadership Advice From Purple Carrot CEO Andy Levitt

Andy Levitt is the founder of Purple Carrot, the plant-based meal kit company, which he started out of his garage with a mission to inspire others to experience these health benefits themselves.
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