Monthly Archives: April 2018

For Effective Leaders: 5 Reasons Why “Feelings” Is Not A Dirty Word (Self Awareness)

“There’s no place for feelings at work!” I heard it frequently as a young engineer. Thankfully, I learned this admonition was impossible to achieve...

Is Logic for Losers? Persuasion, Influence, and Biased Assimilation Effect

When engaging in a heated debate, how do you convince your opponent to abandon their stance and jump onboard yours? Most of us try...

PODCAST #254: Do Less To Achieve More | Morten Hansen

Dr. Morten Hansen is a management professor at University of California, Berkeley, and has been honored by Thinkers50 as one of the top management thinkers in the world. His new book is Great at Work: How Top Performers Work Less and Achieve More.

2 Steps To Becoming A High Achiever

Kevin Kruse: Can you be more productive by actually doing less? Hello, everyone. I'm Kevin Kruse. Welcome to the LEADx Show, where we're helping...
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