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Why Half the Workforce Is Quiet Quitting

Why Half the Workforce Is Quiet Quitting, and What To Do About It

The phenomenon of “quiet quitting” has recently taken the workforce (and the internet) by storm. Unlike actual quitting, a manager wouldn’t necessarily know if an employee has “quietly quit,” which perhaps explains why the trend is so unnerving.
How Grant Thornton LLP Proved The Value

How Grant Thornton LLP Proved The Value Of Their Digital Badges

At firms like Grant Thornton, managers play a uniquely pivotal role in their company’s success. Managers drive the engagement and performance of their team members as well as the firm’s commercial success through the total value of the engagements they manage and their total billable hours. These outcomes are the building blocks of the firm’s $2+ billion in revenue. 

Announcing LEADx TeamView™ for Managers: The Power of Personality in the Palm of Your...

LEADx TeamView, the newest feature in the LEADx mobile platform for Leadership Development, gives managers one-tap access to the personality reports for each individual team member. Built-in assessments include LEADx DISC, LEADx Big 5, LEADx LQ-i, and LEADx Resilience.

DEVELOPS OTHERS: Reflect On Your Coaching Journey

Congratulations! You’ve come to the end of the coaching plan. This final activity can be a powerful way to anchor your growth and progress.  Reflect...

ACTIVITY: Growth & Development Conversation Starters

The most effective way to improve growth and development is to simply begin with candid conversations about it with team members.  Consider these conversation starters:  Related...
4 Strategies Guidewire Uses To Develop Great Leaders

4 Strategies Guidewire Uses To Develop Great Leaders

Guidewire is a user-friendly cloud platform that helps insurers to engage their customers, innovate products and services, and grow their business more efficiently and agilely. 
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