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Microaggressions-Definition- Examples

Microaggressions: Definition and Examples

Microaggressions typically spring up from a deep well of commonly-held stereotypes about a particular race, gender, or sexual orientation. The crux of a microaggression is typically not the words themselves, as they usually do not contain explicit racial slurs. The key issue lies in the stereotypical assumption that caused the aggressor to speak up in the first place.

Leaders Must Prioritize Their Own Mental Wellbeing

There’s a popular and romanticized image of a strong leader. It’s someone who exudes wisdom, courage, and confidence—someone who always knows what to do and who stays cool under pressure. The reality of course is very different. 
Lead Care Win Dan Pontefract

PODCAST #388: Lead. Care. Win | Dan Pontefract

Dan Pontefract is on a mission to change the world of work. Previously the CLO of TELUS, and a bestselling author, Dan's new book is Lead. Care. Win. How to Become a Leader Who Matters.

Allyship: Simple Actions You Can Use Today

In her book, Better Allies: Everyday Actions to Create Inclusive, Engaging Workplaces, Karen Catlin shares how anyone can be an ally to their colleagues from underrepresented demographics. I recently had a chance to interview Catlin, a former tech executive who is now a highly sought after expert on workplace inclusion.

Leading With Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

The year 2020 will be known as the year of pandemic and protest, so it’s no surprise that one of the training programs most desired by leadership development professionals is emotional intelligence (which they often request as “leading with empathy”).
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