It’s Not About Finding Your Soulmate


It’s about finding your best friend and the joy of making memories together for the rest of your life.

Life is made for adventuring. Life is made for relationships.

There is no way to live in this world and get as much out of it if you don’t have deep, meaningful relationships.

People were made for people.

We are all missing a few puzzle pieces (some of us are missing a LOT of puzzle pieces), and we need each other to fill in the holes.

Life is just not as full without others to share it with.

It’s not about finding your “soul mate” whatever the heck that even means, it’s about finding your best friend and sharing life with them. In the end, your “stuff” won’t matter, your work won’t matter, your awards, degrees, and accomplishments, won’t matter…

Only your memories will.

The time you spent on earth adventuring, making memories with the people in your life that matter the most.

Why do we find it so hard to share life together? Why is the typical course of action to do very little, to watch a lot of TV, eat a lot of fast food, and spend very little time actually living?


Because it’s the easy path. It’s the path of least work and least risk. If you don’t put yourself out there, you can’t be hurt. If you don’t take that trip, send that email, make that memory you don’t have to worry at all about things getting hard, things getting nasty.

It’s low risk right? Wrong.

It’s the greatest risk of all actually.

If you never risk the relationships, if you never take the adventure, if you never find your best friend and spend a lifetime adventuring and making memories you’ll lose out on some of the greatest gifts this world has to offer…

You don’t want to get to the end and look back at a life filled with “work” and realize that you never lived.

Find that friend, risk a little, and start living.


Chris Behnke

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It’s not about finding your soulmate. It’s about finding your best friend and the joy of making memories for the rest of your life.

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