Monthly Archives: July 2017

5 Best Practices That Make You A Greater Leader

Recognizing people for positive performance is as simple as just saying “Thank you.”

Innovation Is Essential. But Are Your Best and Brightest Killing It? (Innovation & Creativity)

For organizations today innovation is critical. Without it they cannot solve their toughest problems and remain competitive. To ensure this happens, leaders depend upon...

Lead Like a Skydiver: Five Ways to Make Sure Your Team is Ready to...

“Let’s go over the jump again…” Caleb spoke into my left ear, above the hum of the small plane engine. I was strapped into a...

Before You Forget, Stop and Do This Immediately

Have you ever met a truly humble person-- someone who's entire life is a sacrificial commitment to a cause they deeply believe in? As I...

3 Hiring Mistakes ALL Leaders Need to Avoid

When Rameet Chawla told me a story about how he once pursued a new employees for over a year, wining-and-dining them in a bid...

PODCAST #101: 4 Secrets To Transforming Your Business | Patty Azzarello

In this episode, we're going to talk about how leaders can push through change despite the inevitable obstacles with our guest, Patty Azzarello. She has more than 25 years of experience working in high tech and business having held leadership roles in General Management, Marketing, Software Product Development and Sales. She is a best-selling author and her new book is 'Move: How Decisive Leaders Execute Strategy Despite Obstacles, Setbacks, & Stalls.'

To Bring Your Plans to Life, You Need a Dedicated Crew (Builds Teams)

“Officers and crew of the United States Gerald R. Ford, man our ship and bring her to life!” commanded Susan Ford Bales, daughter of...

There Is Bias In All Of Us, So How Do We Overcome It?

I'm a big fan of the ever improving human and I do believe that, again, nobody here on planet earth created racism.

Decisions: Fewer is Better (Communication)

From time to time, it's our job as managers to deliver eye-opening feedback to our team. To be fully effective, we need to be...
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