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How To Use ‘STAR’ To Make Your Team Care Again

That means there’s something wrong, but I’m not going to accept what’s wrong.”

Want to Overcome Your Phobia of Public Speaking? Try These 5 Things (Communication)

Public speaking for many people is the single most difficult task in their professional lives. It's something people supposedly even fear more than death,...
Leading the Fleet

Top 10 Ways To Become Invaluable Without Becoming Irreplaceable (Self-directed Learner)

Over the years, many people have asked me for career advice, for coaching, or just straight out asked me how I progressed so rapidly...

PODCAST #060: How To Grow Your LinkedIn Network

In this episode, LEADx host and New York Times best selling author, Kevin Kruse, shares how he grew his LinkedIn Network and how to manage someone who knows more about the work than you do.

When Play Informs How We Work

Play is one of the first arenas in which we learn how to work with others.   Share, take turns and don’t pinch.  (It took...
Tell Me About Yourself Interview

How To Nail The “Tell Me About Yourself” Interview Question (Communication)

“Take a seat. Why don’t you tell me about yourself?” You wrote your resume, aced your cover letter, and you finally made it to the...

PODCAST #059: Three Simple Things To Make Your Team Trust You | Joel Peterson

In this episode, we're going to talk about how to make a good business great with our guest, Joel Peterson. He is the chairman of JetBlue and a consulting professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is the founding partner of 'Peterson Partners' and the author of 'The 10 Laws of Trust: Building The Bonds That Make A Business Great.'

How To Get Organized And Stay That Way (Really)

I would challenge the listeners to make one small tweak to either your evening routine or your morning routine.

Great Bosses Encourage Excellence

Are you a great manager? A great boss is a person who creates and maintains a safe, inspiring work environment where talented, engaged employees...
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