Succeed by Overcoming the Mediocre


A rich, fulfilling life cannot be attained by those who are willing to accept the Mediocre.

‘True  Success’ belongs to those who are willing to do what others can not do, or will not do. Take note; there will always be those who will tell you to take the path of least resistance.

What they don’t tell you is…

The path of least resistance is filled with the corpses of the mediocre.

To become free we must overcome the obstacles that are set before us.

Telling yourself and anyone else who will listen how tough it is, does nothing but validate that it’s okay to quit on yourself.

Those who do not have the courage to stand up for who they really are and what they really want die having lived lives that are, at best, half lived and all too often sadly forgotten.  These are the forgotten lives of the mediocre, whose fear of offending others has ruled them like a fierce dictator that banishes freedom as if it was a plague.

All courage is subjective; remember, what’s easy for one person is not necessarily easy for another. So give yourself the recognition for what you have already done while at the same time turn your back on complacency.

Celebrating your success is an excellent thing to do; however, staying at the celebration is like still wearing your Christmas hat in February; it gets a little stale.

So, stop looking for people to complain to; yes it’s hard sometimes… So what!

Do what you need to do, do what’s in front of you, and stop waiting for it to get better, change or anything other than what it is!

I look forward to hearing your feedback.

With gratitude,

he boats nose more towards the wind. She does this not too far, but just enough, because she knows she must use this wind as the fuel to push her through and over the swell.

Our captain knows that in order to get to where she wants to go it is better to use what is coming at her to move her forward, even if it appears to be slightly off course. She knows that to become rigid and inflexible will not only not get her to her destination it may sink her, her ship and the dreams she carries with her.

You, my friend, are the captain of your own ship sailing towards a destiny, but what destiny is it?

The question is will you get wrecked on the economic rocks as the winds of change pick up and blow against you or will you adjust and use the change to push you even faster towards your destination? You can complain about the economic situation or you can use it. Find out how it might be really good for you. I know it can seem crazy, but even this simple shift can change what you begin attracting into your life. If you decide it’s all crap then you wouldn’t know opportunity if it came up and gave you a big wet kiss.

With gratitude,

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