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When Things Get Really Bad, Here’s The Leadership Skill You Need...

The firestorm in the media around the situation with Brian Williams and his misrepresentations of his experience in Iraq (and perhaps in other situations, as well), has been traumatic and disruptive in the extreme for everyone there.

How To SCAMPER Your Way To Innovation And Creativity

In this age of rapid technological and societal change, the innovation competency has emerged as the most critical factor for not just growth, but...

Choose Inspiration Over Motivation (Influence & Persuasion)

Motivation is lighting a fire under you, while inspiration is lighting a fire within you. Consider these insights from three great thought leaders on motivation...

Developing Others (Leadership Competency)

Defined: Taking actions to teach and guide another toward learning resources, in order to broaden his or her skill set and understanding as necessary...

Builds Teams & Belonging (Leadership Competency)

A team is the force of people who bring their collective skills and energies to bear on a shared goal. Team members work in coordination and collaboration, sort out issues and conflicts and overcome challenges, to accomplish that goal.

Results-Focused and Execution (Leadership Competency)

Results-focused leaders are driven by their end goal. It is their concentration on achievement, vs. on the means of routine operations that defines them. Less masterful managers strive for optimization but can be inclined to do so, as much or more for the sake of managing routines than for the maximization of progress toward the accomplishment of their purpose.

Builds Strong Relationships (Leadership Competency)

For individuals averse to this ambiguously structured work environment, building the strong interpersonal communications framework that is necessary for sustained success can be a difficult challenge. But, those who welcome immersion in it can thrive in the highly-interpersonally interactive environments, and they can discover that there are few limits on what can be accomplished.

Innovation & Creativity (Leadership Competency)

Creativity and innovation separate the most financially successful companies in any given industry from mediocre performers. Innovative companies are those that introduce products and services that provide solutions to deficiencies in previous versions, or that otherwise increase the value of their offerings or the customer experience.

Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® HBDI® Overview

HBDI® stands for Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument®. Here’s what it is, how it works, where it came from. The HBDI® is not about what you think, but it certainly is about the way you think. It's about thinking preference and how that varies in individuals.
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