Leadership: A Hero’s Journey


Authentic Leadership is Not a path for the timid, nor is the hero's journey!

Courage is more than a prerequisite, it’s an absolute necessity!

That’s because in order to become an authentic leader, you have to change. And change requires courage.

For those who simply want “leadership development,” there are books to read and  courses to take.  But, for those who understand that not only has the economy changed but the entire world of business has changed. Along with those changes comes a deep awakening that leadership at all levels must also change.

The days of leadership through intimidation are dimming, their dusk is falling, and the dark night will soon be upon them.  The daybreak  that is the light of authentic leadership is already brightening the horizons.

The time of the new authentic leaders is upon us.

The good news is; some who were leaders under the old model will embrace the new style of leadership. They will do this because they understand that leadership is not just about having your followers do as you command, but rather having your followers flourish in an authentic environment. 

Business is now more than ever a process of relationship.

However, as I’ve said many times before, those relationships must be authentic.  This means face-to-face business, not just with your customers, but with every one in and on your team, You Will Have To Let Your Employees, Co-workers, and Customers In…

The great writer and visionary Joseph Campbell outlined the hero’s journey in his classic work, “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.”

Today’s new leaders must enter the hero’s journey that is already changing the face of business. They will hold true to the path, knowing that real treasure is always hidden in the darkest place, and that it is to this dark place that you inherently fear to go in case you never come back that everything that will give your life meaning awaits.

I know this to be true because I have journeyed there and I have faced the dragon that can’t be slain, but merely tamed. I have also had the honor of guiding many others on their own heroic journey.

Why should you undertake such a journey if you have all you want, if you have many things that others envy?

It’s because those who seem to have everything know it isn’t enough. You must enter the cave you fear or live a life without true fulfillment.

Know this: everything you truly desire awaits you in that darkest of places.

Remember, an Authentic Leader is not without fear. However, the Authentic Leader’s vision is always going to be greater than the fear.

So it comes down to this: Do you have the courage to be an authentic leader, to go in and claim that treasure on your own heroic journey?

With gratitude,

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