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The Culture Code

How the CPO of Toptal Scales a Thriving Culture, Even as the World’s Largest...

With an active workforce of more than 5,000 people across 70+ countries, Toptal is the largest fully remote workforce in the world. How does it go about scaling and sustaining its thriving remote culture?
The Culture Code

How To Define And Embed Company Culture In A Way That Drives Adoption With...

As companies grow, the need to define company culture poses a challenge. Companies must establish their culture in an authentic and useful way that is not overly formalized or bureaucratic. Adoption often becomes a hurdle.
The Culture Code

Culture Hinges On Great Hiring: Here’s How To Approach It With 10x Genomics’ CPO

Bringing culture into the recruitment and hiring process is the best way to ingrain it throughout an organization. But, how do you accomplish this in a thoughtful way?
The Culture Code

Why Chaos Might Be The Missing Piece In Your Company Culture, With The CPO...

The best company cultures act like magnets, repelling people as effectively as they attract people. Often, these same cultures operate from highly original core values. The type of values that are unique enough to have a polarizing effect.
The Culture Code

Culture Is Built One Behavior at a Time with the CPO of UiPath

To foster company culture, you have to address the behaviors that underpin your culture. However, establishing new behaviors as habits is no cakewalk.
The Culture Code

What Does A Founder-Led Culture Look Like? With Omada Health’s CPO

When I had the opportunity to interview the CPO of Omada Health, Nancy Vitale, I was excited to hear that the founders spearheaded the creation and implementation of the company’s values.
The Culture Code

How To Scale A Founder-Led Culture Through 15 Years Of Rapid Growth with Twilio’s...

Scaling a founder-led, start-up culture is the ultimate challenge. However, success yields large results. Reuters’ data shows that the top 400 founder-led companies have registered an average share price gain of 58.4% compared to just a 10% return for the top 400 stocks led by other founder-led companies.
The Culture Code

The Importance of Increasing Your Talent Density with Zapier’s CPO

The CEO of Netflix Reed Hastings wrote: “In all creative roles, the best is easily ten times better than average. The best publicity expert can dream up a stunt that attracts millions more customers than the average one. ”To capitalize on this idea at the company level, you have to grow what Hastings refers to as your “talent density.” Talent density is the collective amount of talent held by your employees.
The Culture Code

The Ridiculous Edge Companies Gain By Doubling Down On Company Culture Early With The...

Considering that 70% of employee engagement can be traced to an employee’s relationship with their manager, you would expect that most companies would get intentional about leadership development and company culture early on.
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