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The Culture Code

How HealthEdge Scales A Culture Of Continuous Learning

At over 1600 employees, HealthEdge boasts a “culture of learning,” as described by its employees.
The Culture Code

How The CPO Of Quizlet Fosters A Culture Of Learning And Curiosity

In this interview the CPO of Quizlet, Stephanie Douglass, shares her extensive experience and deep insights into organizational culture.
The Culture Code

How the CPO of Dropbox Creates A Thriving Remote-First Culture

In today's episode, we learn from the CPO of Dropbox, a titan in cloud storage, with a mission "to design a more enlightened way of working."
The Culture Code

COMMUNITY: Home Depot Uses Nudges To Scale World-Class Leadership Development

This episode is a LEAKED event from our private, members-only Community of Practice for Leadership Development Professionals. Join us as Michael Cabe, Sr. Manager of Learning Strategy at Home Depot, shares how Home Depot strategically uses 'nudges' to scale world-class leadership development.
The Culture Code

How the CPO of Criteo Cultivates an ‘Open, Collaborative, and Impactful’ Culture

In a world where companies span continents and flexible work is the norm, how do you ensure consistent culture across every office, team, and individual? Enter Manuela Montagnana, the CPO of Criteo. With teams spread from Tokyo to Paris and New York, Montagnana has the mammoth task of maintaining a unified culture. In this episode, she shares her strategies.

Leadership Development Is The Lever For A Thriving Culture

With products ranging from RV and boat components to school bus windows and dormitory twin mattresses, Lippert, a NYSE listed public company, has established itself as a leading manufacturer of components across multiple industries with a global team of 15,000 and 5B revenue in 2022.

RANT: Move Over 70-20-10 Rule, 3-To-1 Is The New Model For Learning

In today's episode, we dive deep into the 70-20-10 learning model – a 40-year-old framework embraced by corporate learning and development professionals. But is this model truly serving our needs?
The Culture Code

COMMUNITY: Scaling An Enviable Culture as Your Employee Count Doubles

This episode is a LEAKED event from our private, members-only Community of Practice for Leadership Development Professionals. In this meeting, we delve deep into the DNA of organizational culture.

How HubSpot Sustains A Customer-Centric Culture Across 7k Hybrid Employees

How does HubSpot scale and sustain a customer-centric culture across 7,000 remote and hybrid employees worldwide? To find out, I had the chance to meet with the vice president of culture and ESG at HubSpot, Eimear Marrinan.
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