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How To Succeed In Chaos, From A Passenger Of The Miracle On The Hudson

People ask, “what's that?” It's having you communicate in the modality of the person you're with.

Lift Your Team’s Spirits – Leverage Music, Story and Humor (Fosters Engagement)

While my penchant is for systemic change and not quick fixes, occasionally you just need a little somethin’ somethin’ to rally the team and...

PODCAST #167: How To Make Strong Decisions And Deliver Tough News Like A Pro...

Amy Kates is the Managing Partner of KatesKesler Organizational Consulting, and the co-author of Bridging Organization Design and Performance, and Leading Organization Design.

How Should You Deliver Bad News To A Client?

You have to make that shift from the founder or very small group at the top making decisions together to really empowering, delegating, and creating an infrastructure to push decision making down.
Retain Millennial Employees

5 Free Ways To Retain Your Millennial Employees (Fosters Engagement)

I, a millennial, tell you how to retain millennial workers without spending any extra money. And they say we're a selfish generation...

What Toddlers Teach Us About Grit (Problem Solving)

The very term toddler implies that failure is imminent. We define this period in a child's life by the fact that while they’ve learned...
How To Spot Your Tipping Point After a BIG Business Mistake

How To Spot Your Tipping Point After a BIG Business Mistake

Failure brings one of two outcomes each time: True failure (aka: you give up) A Tipping Point (aka: you rise from the ashes) We rarely...

How A Slight Perspective Shift Can Change Everything

Have you ever walked or driven the same route for a number of weeks, months, or even years? Only to become so accustomed to...

PODCAST #166: Are You Able To Fit Your Company’s Mission Into A 1 Minute...

Elizabeth Lindsey is the Executive Director of Byte Back, a Washington, DC based nonprofit providing free technology education and career training to unemployed adults. In 2017, she competed in the WeWork Creator Awards pitch competition, winning the top scale prize of $360,000 for Byte Back.
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