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PODCAST #136: The Secret To Never Giving Up | Gary Brackett

Gary Brackett lives a no quit attitude fighting for a spot on the Indianapolis Colts where as defensive captain he then lead the team to the Superbowl. After retiring from the NFL, he got his MBA and now owns The Stacked Pickle restaurant chain with 9 locations. He is the author of Winning: From Walk-on to Captain in Football and Life.

From NFL Champ To Entrepreneur: This Is Why You Don’t Quit

Well, my management style is that you don't treat everyone equal, you treat everyone fair.

PODCAST #135: Grab The Brass Ring! | Kevin Kruse and Tara Millette

In this episode, NY Times best selling author, Kevin Kruse, and LEADx editor, Tara Millette, answer listener questions about leadership, productivity, entrepreneurship and more.

Five Sure-Fire Ways to Turn Your Business Around in 90 Days

For years, I've practiced five sure-fire ways to turn my business around when things are lagging. I've offered the plan to large companies and...

PODCAST #134: Dan Pink on Persuasion

It all started here, with our first guest. NY Times best selling author Dan Pink explains why to sell is human, which is the title of his book.

Be Attached, Be Disappointed

We’re told not to be emotionally attached to the outcome. I couldn’t disagree more. I want you and your team to care about results.  The easy...

PODCAST #133: The Right Way To Fit Health Into Your Busy Schedule | Bonnie...

They met as young moms in Chicago and soon became business partners in the startup Shred415, a fast growing fitness company. Today's guests are Bonnie Micheli and Tracy Roemer.

Work, Family, Fitness: How To Have It All

We didn't wear many hats, we wore all the hats. We cleaned. We worked the kid's room. We worked the front desk. But in doing that, we knew everybody that walked through our door.

Working DEEPER in a World of Distraction: An Interview with DEEP WORK author Cal...

Bestselling author Cal Newport understands the importance of immersing oneself in challenging, difficult, and meaningful work. Newport’s most recent book, "Deep Work: Rules for...
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