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Four Small But Mighty Changes That Will De-Stress Your Email Life...

“I don’t understand why we send people the information they need and they don’t read their email!” My frustrated friend was lamenting how people don’t...

The Language Learning App That Can Make You Fluent In 5...

I generally recommended that people start with my book just so they can get an overview of what they're trying to do here, and then on my website I have pronunciation training apps. They're designed to fit into someone else's flashcard application that's been around since 2006 called Anki.

How To Avoid Writer’s Block, According To Alan Alda

Good transitions are important, and for good transitions I go back to the subjective thing again, and then I go back to the objective, and then I go back and forth between those two ways of thinking.

How To Avoid Awkward Conversations From Acting Legend Alan Alda

The worry of "How am I doing?" is such an enemy to real connection and real communication. How you're doing is how you're doing. That's just reality regardless of whether you know it or not. But connecting is so much more fun than worrying how you're doing and it leads to so many better results.

Do You Know Your Brand Down To Its Core?

Then put yourself in a situation with a company that is aligned with that particular type of DNA, because if you are a product person and you really care about nothing more than product and you go work for a company that is trying to build incredible relationships with customers, it's going to be a little bit of an issue.

How To Succeed In Chaos, From A Passenger Of The Miracle...

People ask, “what's that?” It's having you communicate in the modality of the person you're with.

How Should You Deliver Bad News To A Client?

You have to make that shift from the founder or very small group at the top making decisions together to really empowering, delegating, and creating an infrastructure to push decision making down.

Can You Nail A One-Minute Pitch?

I would also say think about what is most impressive about what you do and demonstrate the impact of your mission and really focus on that. I also think just having a really good opening sentence is important because you capture the audience's attention.

How To Establish Your Expertise With Dorie Clark

When it comes to a practical first step, I am a really big fan of literally just getting started. I feel like there is power in momentum
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