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“Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted”: The Key To Being Innovative

You've got to be interested every day in learning. I think that's just so important.

5 Ways You Are Holding Yourself Back From Happiness

What's more important is that we find a way to manage work and a way to manage life so that we are engaged and fully present in each of the activities that we're doing, whenever and wherever we're doing them, not segmenting or pretending to segment out, which is literally impossible to do anymore.

Giving Feedback That’s Radically Transparent (Managerial Courage)

Want to know what radically transparent feedback looks like? Here’s an actual email sent to Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Associates, by an employee...

The 12-Hour Work Week: How To Work Less, And Earn More

To me, it's gotten to the point where I don't do anything in my business except for think. I am now the CEO. I don't ever touch any process, except to think through it and tell someone else what to do.

Life And Leadership Lessons From A US Army Major

That's where I learned that with first combat deployment is to rely and work with others to make the organization better instead of putting on those false airs.

Sell Without Selling: How To Gain Interest Without A “Hard Sell”

We don't talk about our coaches as salespeople and we don't talk about them as selling products. We talk about them first and foremost as guiding a new client through what we talk about as the habits of health.

Your Boss Doesn’t Care About Your Boundaries at Work (Unless You...

In life, respect is one attribute we owe one another; but you can’t force a person to respect you. Setting a boundary defines us;...

Make The Gutsy Move: Advice From A Combat Pilot

How do we help those around us improve and take their lives to the next level? Helping people, companies, organizations achieve their personal and professional goals, because if we're not doing that, why are we here?

Emotional Agility Will Make You Stronger and Happier

We can tap into these, but without treating them as directives to action. Ultimately, who's in charge here, the thinker or the thought?
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