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Focus® Theme (CliftonStrengths®, formerly StrengthsFinder®)

Some people love taking road trips with no particular destination in mind. Detours, frequent stops, and other distractions are all enjoyable parts of the process. Not you, though. As someone strong in the Focus theme, you’ve got an end goal in sight and you’re on a mission to get there. This concentrated approach ensures you’ll help everyone stay on the right path; if your teammates start to stray, you’ll get them back on track. Obstacles in the way of your end goal annoy you, so you’ll do your best to avoid them.

Discipline® Theme (CliftonStrengths®, formerly StrengthsFinder®)

Let’s be honest: life is messy. Not everything is wrapped up in a neat little bow, and unlike television shows, we can’t solve everything in 22 minutes. But it’s a lot easier to handle life when there’s structure, and that’s where you thrive. Being strong in the Discipline theme, you’re all about developing routines that ensure you’re accomplishing your goals. You’re incredibly organized and efficient, though you may sometimes disapprove of the way others operate.

Ideation® Theme (CliftonStrengths®, formerly StrengthsFinder®)

You’re an idea guy. The world is a blank canvas and your mission is to paint it with possibilities. Innovation is your middle name. Nothing delights you more than the discovery process– and nothing frustrates you more than being shut down by close-minded thinkers. You attack problems head-on, embracing challenges as a pathway towards fresh ideas. To you, every new idea is valid, no matter if it’s eccentric or mundane: you don’t judge. You chafe when managers prematurely shut down project ideation as they rush to meet deliverable timelines. How can your team be successful if it skips over the most critical part?

Significance® Theme (CliftonStrengths®, formerly StrengthsFinder®)

If you have the Significance strength, you have a deep need to be admired for your time, talents, and efforts. More to the point, you want the people associated with you to crave the same success and credibility in their professional pursuits. To that end, you are constantly poking, prodding, and driving others to succeed as well.

Self Assurance® Theme (CliftonStrengths®, formerly StrengthsFinder®)

Someone who has strong Self-Assurance® according to the CliftonStrengths® assessment is a person who has faith in their abilities and strengths. It is very similar to self-confidence and allows people with this strength to take risks, stakes claims, rise to challenges, and deliver the goods where others lack the confidence or assuredness to do so.

Positivity® Theme (CliftonStrengths®, formerly StrengthsFinder®)

There is power in positivity. People with the Positivity® strength according to CliftonStrengths® themes believe this to their core. If you are strong in this theme, your favorite quote may very well be the one by Shiv Khera that says, “Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success.”

WOO® Theme (CliftonStrengths®, formerly StrengthsFinder®)

We are all energized by different things. People gifted with the Woo strength are energized by meeting new people and having the opportunity to build rapport with every new person they meet. They have a talent for striking up a conversation, they remember the names of new people, and are never shy or intimidated.

Relator® Theme (CliftonStrengths®, formerly StrengthsFinder®)

If you have the Relator® strength according to the CliftonStrengths® assessment, then you’re far more interested in developing deep meaningful relationships than making a sale or earning a commission. You find joy in doing things that strengthen your relationships with others. While you are no wallflower, you tend to be drawn to people you already know in hopes of deepening these bonds rather than seeking out new ones.

Maximizer® Theme (CliftonStrengths®, formerly StrengthsFinder®)

People who have the Maximizer talent aren’t interested in self-help or fixing what others view as broken in them. Instead, they would rather focus on the capitalizing on their own strengths and talents. They feel this is a more productive pursuit of their time and it works for them.
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