What’s a LEADx Level?


You may have noticed a LEADx Level bar at the top of your profile that looks like this:

Or you may have seen this in your progress report and leaderboard email:

You were wondering (or at least now you ARE wondering), what is this?

LEADx levels and experience points exist to show your progress and habit-building growth for the learning you’ve done within LEADx. 

It’s really simple…

You’re awarded “Experience Points” (XP) for interacting with LEADx. 

When you acquire a certain amount of XP, you’ll achieve a new level. 

You earn 10 XP by doing any of these activities:

  • Completing activities in your coaching plan 
  • Watching a video 
  • Listening to a podcast
  • Reading a book summary

To get from Level 1 to Level 2, you’ll need 100 XP. So, for example, you could:

  • Complete four activities in your LEADx Coaching Plan (40 XP)
  • Watch two videos (20 XP)
  • Read two book summaries (20 XP)
  • Listen to one podcast (10 XP)
  • Watch one webinar (10 XP)

Every level you achieve after Level 2 will take a little bit more XP than the previous level. Level 3 takes more XP than level 2, etc.

The more you interact with LEADx, the more XP you’ll gain.

Start interacting and see what you can earn!