Tag: Creativity

4 Steps To Unleashing Your Inner Creative Genius

"People think of [creativity] as a mystery but it's just like teaching anything: math, sports, music. It doesn't mean that everybody's going to be a prodigy but we can all get better."

The Simple Reason Why Businesses Still Struggle With Growth (Growth Mindset)

These days it looks as if businesses have nearly limitless opportunities for growth. By all appearances they have unprecedented advantages. Barriers to entry have never been...

Vampires, Creativity and Path Dependency (Innovation & Creativity)

Have you ever considered why vampires only go outside at night? Ever since this question was posed on the podcast Edumacation (hosted by Kevin...

Stuck on a Problem? Take a Shower (Time Management)

At one point or another, we all struggle with writer’s block or we fixate on a problem without a solution. At times we can...
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