So you have a new book coming out? Congratulations! 

We’d like to invite you to share your message with the LEADx audience. We’ve been told repeatedly by authors that nobody else has moved more books or generated more leads than we have for them. Our previous guests include John Maxwell, Ken Blanchard, Dan Pink, Alan Alda, Chris Voss, and many others.

Here’s how we can work together:

  1. You record a 20-30 minute webinar. This can be scheduled at a time convenient in both our calendars; there is no live audience. LEADx producer, Vania Mathas, gives you the details, including a Zoom video link, and will co-pilot the recording. 
  2. We offer the webinar free for one week and promote it to over 100,000 subscribers to the LEADx email newsletter, and more via social media. Our webinars usually get 700 views in this time period.
  3. The webinar is then placed in the LEADx app webinar archives, where more views accumulate over time.
  4. The audio of your webinar is released as a LEADx Leadership podcast. Our show gets approximately 100,000 listens per month.
  5. The transcript from your webinar is edited and released as an article on Forbes, in the format of Kevin Kruse reviewing your book and message. Kevin’s Forbes articles typically get 5,000 views and his most popular article has over 25 million views. Note that if you already write for Forbes yourself the editors will not let Kevin write about you.

So, for 30-minutes of your time, you’ll get a webinar, podcast, Forbes article, and a lot of email blasts and social media mentions.

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