Leaders Are Masters Of Conflict

Dov Baron, Authentic Leadership Expert, believes that leaders are masters of conflict

Do you have a fear of conflict? Let me help you out… Get Over It!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there is a direct link between being a decisive leader and being a master of conflict.

Bottom line: As a leader, if you cannot embrace healthy conflict you will have a hard time committing to your decisions.

Great leaders are masters of conflict because they are willing to passionately disagree about the things they hold as most important.

As a leader, you are a walking, talking living example to your people, they can and only will do what it is that you demonstrate through your own behavior.

If your people will not embrace conflict then you have, at best, a weak culture, and more likely none substantive culture of rhetoric. Encourage your people to embrace conflict because healthy, conflict in an organization is nothing more than a commitment to finding the best, most congruent answers that align with your organizations highest values and purpose.

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Authentic Leadership Matrix for Leadership Development

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