Finding The Gift in: What if?

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Dov Baron asks if you are finding the gift in the question "What if?"

Everyone has their own issues and drama to deal with and sometimes it hard to see beyond where you’re at a any given moment. That being said I have no intention of minimizing your pain, (whatever it is) I’m just offering a mental adjustment for those who are interested.

Here are some things to think and feel about…

What if that which in this moment appears to be shit, is actually a gift?
What if what’s going on right now in your life is the greatest gift you could have ever imagined, however there is no way for you to know it for at least 3,6, 12 or 36 months from now?

What if the heat of your situation is what is needed to hatch your dream?

What if ‘this’ hatches a passion within you that under any other circumstances you couldn’t have seen let alone embraced?

What if ‘this’ was is a game you play with yourself?

What if this become your best way to let go of what you no longer needed?

What if this is all a lesson in learning to trust yourself?

What if all this is simply to have you see what really matters?

What if this is your wake up call?

And what if you woke up? What would you be waking up from? What would you be awakening into?

What if you’ve been so focused on what might happen that you’ve blinded yourself to what is happening that’s great.

What if in truth this is a precious jewel wrapped in crap? Would you be willing to take the chance of getting your hands a little dirty in order to really find and recognize that jewel?

As I said: I have no intention of minimizing your pain, (whatever it is) I’m just offering a mental adjustment for those who are interested.

So, What if the sh*t is the gift that brings you the shift?

Until next time, live with courage, Dov…

I eagerly anticipate your feedback and comments.

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With gratitude,

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