ACTIVITY: Team Accountability Conversation Starters


Accountability is defined as the willingness to be answerable for an outcome.

Team environments that foster accountability experience greater cohesion, trust, resilience, confidence, and performance pride, and have strengthened potential for success in meeting goals.

A leader who is strong in team accountability routinely discusses the importance of accountability with team members. 

Consider these conversation starters for your next team meeting or one-on-one session:

  • What does accountability mean to you?
  • What is our track record for hitting our goals?
  • How have we been doing with meeting deadlines?
  • What has prevented us from achieving our goals on time in the past?
  • When we haven’t met expectations, who has it had a negative impact on? In what ways?
  • When we fail to meet expectations, how does it impact our team’s credibility? Our career path?
  • How can we minimize obstacles in the future?


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