ACTIVITY: Results-Focused Conversation Starters


One of the most effective ways to be seen as a results-focused leader is to simply talk to your team members about having a focus on results.

This week, hold a team meeting or use time in your one-on-one meetings to discuss the topic.

Conversation Starters for Your Team

  • In the spirit of continuous improvement, I’m going to try to get better at staying focused on results over the next few months. What ideas do you have that would make me or our team more goal-oriented and more focused on deadlines?
  • What roadblocks do we need to get around in order to achieve our goals?
  • What constraints do we have right now in the pursuit of our goals? What resources do you think we need?
  • I’ve decided to invest my personal development time over the next few months in being more focused on goals and actual results. How do you think I could improve in this area?
  • I’d love to improve my manager effectiveness rating in the area of being results-focused. What advice do you have for me?
  • I’d love for our team to be more results-focused moving forward. What does being focused on results mean to you?


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