ACTIVITY: Practice Interviewing Candidates


Holding one or more practice interviews, where your friends or colleagues play the role of candidates, will enable you to practice asking questions, followups, and documentation in a stress-free environment. 


  1. Prepare a list of the competencies that are related to the job. Note these general categories of competencies that are less about prior experience and more about traits:
    1. Intellectual (e.g., analysis, creativity, judgment)
    2. Personal (e.g., integrity, resilience, self-awareness)
    3. Interpersonal (e.g., listening, communication, persuasion)
    4. Management (e.g., coaching skills, team building, meeting effectiveness)
    5. Leadership (e.g., vision, leading change, conflict management)

2. Prepare a list of behavioral questions for each competency. 


3. After rapport building, ask your competency-related questions.

4. Probe deeper, especially if answers are shallow. Take notes on each answer given.

5. Practice professional but warm body language.


6. Look for patterns or insights while reviewing each candidate's answers.

7. If you practiced on more than one “candidate”, which one would seem best suited for the job based on their answers? 


After completing this activity, consider leaving a reflection in the LEADx app using the Coaching Plan Activity “Reflect” button.