ACTIVITY: Inspire a Shared Vision


Leaders who take the time to envision the future, and share that vision with their people, have a tremendous impact on the motivational levels of others, as well as workplace productivity. Creating a vision for the future involves thoughtfully reflecting on both the past and the present to define the patterns, trends, and themes that have defined your life until this point. When you have done those steps, you can look to the future and create the vision that will drive you and your organization forward.

In this activity, imagine that you have to create a 30-second TV or radio commercial for your vision. Consider the questions below and then write the “script” for your commercial. While you won’t actually use this commercial at work, it will help you craft a succinct motivating vision you can share with colleagues. As you create your commercial, consider the following:

  • Think about the future of your organization and your team ten to fifteen years in the future. What does it look like? What images come to mind?
  • What innovations and trends are shaping the future? What will their impact be?
  • How does your future vision serve the common good? Who are all the constituents of your organization and how will each benefit from this imagined future?
  • Evaluate the commercial for your vision:
    • Does it speak from the heart?
    • Is it bold but still realistic and believable?
    • Is it easy to understand?


After completing this activity, consider leaving a reflection in the LEADx app using the Coaching Plan Activity “Reflect” button.