ACTIVITY: Develops Others Conversation Starters


The most effective way to improve growth and development is to simply begin with candid conversations with team members.

This week, hold a team meeting or use time in your one-on-one meetings to discuss the topic.

Conversation Starters for Your Team

  • Related to your career, where would you like to be three years from now? One year from now?
  • What training and development do you think you need to accomplish that?
  • What experiences do you need to have to get there?
  • Who would it be helpful for you to know as you’re on that path?
  • How do you like to learn? Books? eLearning? Live training? Mentorships? Job shadowing?
  • Are there specific things you think I can help you with this year related to your growth and development?


After completing this activity, consider leaving a reflection in the LEADx app using the Coaching Plan Activity “Reflect” button.

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