ACTIVITY: Coaching Self-Assessment


Do you take a “coach approach” like Yoda, or do you fly in and fix things like Superman? 

Often it is easier and faster just to tell people what to do (or even just do it ourselves)after all, we usually do have more experience and knowledge than the people that report to us. But for long-term success, to grow the capacity of your team, and to reduce the stress and burden on you, you have to take a coach approach.

The assessment below will help you to identify what might be stopping you from doing more coaching. Answer YES or NO to each statement below.

  1. I have a reputation for being highly competent in my area of expertise. 
  2. I can often know the answer, or see the best solution, before others. 
  3. I like taking action quickly; I value speed and efficiency. 
  4. I’m very detail-oriented, maybe even a perfectionist. 
  5. I tend to think more about tasks than people. 
  6. I feel frustrated working without a clear plan. 
  7. Many people at work rely on me. 
  8. My boss would be in trouble if I were to suddenly quit or get sick. 
  9. I often take on problems or tasks that aren’t officially part of my job.

Interpreting Results

  • If you answered yes to questions 1-3, you might enjoy being in the role of the Expert. Think about how you might shift your focus to making other people experts, too. Think about how it will feel when you become an expert leader!
  • If you answered yes to questions 4-6, you might have a need to feel in control. Think about ways to be more flexible. Think about how your team will accomplish more when perfection is dialed back just a little.
  • If you answered yes to questions 7-9, you might enjoy playing the Hero role. Think about how you can teach others to be less dependent on you. Learn to listen to problems without feeling the need to solve them.


After completing this activity, consider leaving a reflection in the LEADx app using the Coaching Plan Activity “Reflect” button.

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