ACTIVITY: Your Extraversion Personality Trait


Extraversion is one of the five major personality traits. It is a measure of how sociable or how much of a “people person” you are. 

Managers who are higher in this trait tend to lead teams that display a lot of energy, fun, and informality. A common potential downside is that these managers might not be strong listeners, and socializing might cause meetings to start late and run long.

Managers who are lower in this trait are usually good listeners and their teams may be more formal and efficient. A common potential downside is that these managers may not connect strongly with their team members, and may not show their passion for the goals of the organization.

How extraverted are you?

Look up your Big 5 Extraversion score. Is it higher or lower than average? By a lot or a little?

Who is the “opposite” of you?

Who on your team do you think is the most opposite of you when it comes to their level of extraversion? If you’re higher on extraversion, think of someone who seems reserved or is quiet in team meetings. If you’re lower on extraversion, think of someone who seems outgoing and talkative during meetings. If you’re an ambivert (i.e., sort of in the middle), just choose someone who seems the most different from your natural style.

Modulate your extraversion style

This week, strive to modulate your natural Extraversion style to be closer to your “opposite’s” style. For example:

  • If you’re higher in Extraversion, place your intention on being a better listener this week during one-on-one meetings. Ask clarifying questions before offering a solution. During team meetings, invite everyone else to share their opinion before you share yours. Call upon quiet team members to weigh in. Or invite your “opposite” to actually facilitate the meeting the way they choose. 
  • If you’re lower in Extraversion (i.e., an introvert), place intention on being more personable and showing more enthusiasm during one-on-one meetings. Ask team members about their family or what they enjoy doing outside of the workplace. Share about your family and personal time. During team meetings, don’t forget to celebrate wins and give recognition to those who deserve it. 

This particular activity focuses on Extraversion. Consider repeating this exercise with each of your Big 5 personality traits in the weeks ahead. 


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