ACTIVITY: Apply Strategic Vision


Strategic vision is a critical thinking process that analyzes business dynamics, creates a plan, and communicates the strategy to others.

By completing this activity and returning to it again in the future, you can make strategic vision a powerful habit.

Activities to Boost Strategic Vision

Use the list of possible activities below to help brainstorm actions you’ll take in the upcoming week.

  • Research top tech trends and forecast how they might impact your organization and the industry at large.
  • Complete a SWOT analysis of your organization and its competitors.
  • Draw a visual map of your organization’s business model. Share it and discuss it with colleagues.
  • Ask strategic future-focused questions in upcoming meetings.
  • Describe and discuss your organization’s strategy with your team members.
  • Ask team members to describe how their work aligns to the goals of the organization.
  • Take time to imagine “black swan events”–events that are very unlikely but would have severe consequences–and how you might respond to them.


After completing this activity, consider leaving a reflection in the LEADx app using the Coaching Plan Activity “Reflect” button.

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