ACTIVITY: Agility Self-Assessment


Agility is a core competency that helps professionals adapt to changing conditions with nimbleness,  innovation, and resilience.

This short self-assessment will help you to identify your current level of agility and can identify areas for improvement.

Answer YES or NO to each statement below, keeping track of your total yes responses.

  1. You anticipate changes in the organization, the industry, and the marketplace.
  2. You like to experiment and try new things; you don’t stay in your comfort zone.
  3. You look for better ways to do things; you aren’t stuck in your ways.
  4. You invite others to share their ideas, opinions, and solutions.
  5. You use data to inform your decisions.
  6. You take action fast and are willing to pivot in the face of new information.
  7. You seek solutions even when additional budget is not available. 
  8. You inspire others with your calm confidence in the face of change.
  9. You seek ideas, advice, and feedback from outside your own team.
  10. You make decisions decisively and as quickly as you can.

Interpreting Results

How many YES answers do you have?

  • If your total number of YES answers is less than 6, you should prioritize developing your agility behaviors.
  • If your total number of YES answers is 6 to 8, you are likely agile but have room for improvement.
  • If your total number of YES answers is 9 or higher, you are strong in agility.

Review your “no” answers to identify areas for improvement.


After completing this activity, consider leaving a reflection in the LEADx app using the Coaching Plan Activity “Reflect” button.

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