8 Undeniable Ways to Energize Yourself (Time Management)

How to increase your energy levels.


Leaders need to be able to maintain a high level of energy. Energy creates stamina and endurance that can assist you in producing results, leading effectively, increasing productivity, and moving the team or organization toward the vision. Energy gets you going and leads you toward achievement. Jules Verne said, “An energetic man will succeed where an indolent one would vegetate and inevitably perish.” When you feel like your energy level is being depleted and you still have a lot of work for the day, here are practical ways to energize yourself:

 1. Take a 15-20 minute nap

A short power nap can do wonders for you. Taking a short nap in the middle of your day can give you more energy than a cup of coffee or energy drink. When you are feeling de-energized, grab a pillow instead of a drink with a lot of sugar and caffeine. You will wake up from your nap ready for the rest of your day. Try it out and see for yourself.

2. Get moving

You can give yourself energy if you get your body moving. Force yourself to take a walk, jog, or spend some time doing cardio. Starting to move your body or exercising can increase your heart rate and gets your blood flowing. In turn it releases endorphins into your body and when this happens the benefit is a natural energy boost. Consider, taking the stairs, going on a walk during a break, or parking in the back of the parking lot to get your body moving.

3. Eat the right snack

In the article, 12 Best Foods to Eat for More Energy the author advises several foods that produce energy. Several of the recommendations include “bananas, oranges, apples, almonds, or yogurt.” These are good and healthy snack options that can help boost your energy levels. The key is to make sure you have the right snacks near you for when you start to get hungry, so when the hunger comes you make healthy eating choices. Eat healthy and energy rich snacks to remain energized.

4. Drink some water

Drinking water, especially at the start of the day, can hydrate you. You will have energy if your body is properly hydrated. I recommend drinking at least a gallon of water each day. You can work up to drinking that amount if needed. If you do and limit your soda or high sugary drinks, your energy level will increase. If you are feeling low on energy, drinking a large cup of water can help you to regain your energy level.

5. Adjust your mindset

In 5 Practical Methods to Increase your Energy Level (read the post for more ways to increase your energy) I wrote, “What you think about can determine your energy level. If you walk around all day saying things similar to “I’m so tired” or “I need rest” then your body is going to consider those thoughts as real, in turn it will impact your energy level.” I’d take it a step further and when you are starting to feel exhausted or tired, begin to tell your body and mind that you are awake and that you can achieve whatever you need to complete for the day. Convince your body and mind that you or not tired by speaking energy into your body.

 6. Take a break

Getting away from your work and taking a short break can really help you with your energy level and help you to focus in on your work once you return. This can be especially true if you take time outside or at a place you enjoy. Like in nature, at a garden, or just relaxing and getting some fresh air outside on a bench. Find the place you enjoy at or close to your work and visit that place whenever you are feeling low on energy. You will find taking a short break can lift your spirit and energy level.

 7. Take time for growth content

One of the ways I remain motivated and energized is having a personal growth plan, each day I’m growing myself. Consuming growth content can give you energy. Take time to read a personal growth book or audio program the next time you need energy and you will be surprised of the positive results. A regular stream of growth content  can help you to remain energized.

8. Call a friend or family member

Being on the phone with someone you care about and respect and give you a boost of energy. Whenever I’m having a difficult day and feel low on energy, calling a friend, family member, or mentor can really rejuvenate and re-energize me. Talking with my wife on days like these reminds me why I’m working, to support us, so it creates energy to push through the day. Have people in your life who support and encourage you when you call them.

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