3 Ways To Send Gmail Email Without Seeing Your Inbox

Photo: Kevin Kruse
Photo: Kevin Kruse

You know how you go to open Gmail to send a message, but quickly get distracted by reading and replying to the new messages in your inbox? Well, for all you productivity ninjas out there, here are 3 ways to send an email without having to open and get lost in the inbox.

Method 1: Using Chrome browser, type “mailto:” in the address bar and hit Enter

You can also append this with the email address. For example, mailto:name@acme.com

Method 2: Using Chrome Browser, install “Open Compose Window for Gmail” Extension

This simple extension once activated will open the Gmail compose window without showing the inbox. Click the link below to install the Chrome extension:


temp gmail 2
Photo: Kevin Kruse

Method 3: Special URL

The url below will trigger the gmail compose window; you will need to create either a new desktop icon that launches this, or create a bookmark. And of course you’ll already need to be logged into Google in your web browser.


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