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Why You Should Build A ‘Jazz Band’ Culture (1)

Why You Should Build A ‘Jazz Band’ Culture

As a company in hyper-growth, Clari has grown from 250 employees (or “Clarians”) to 750 employees in just four years. To learn about Clari’s culture and core values (which include “Jazz Band” and “Dish Assist”), I met with the Chief People Officer (CPO), Laura MacKinnon. She broke down how her team helped scale and sustain company culture as they tripled in size in three years, how they put together their leadership development programs, and much more.

How To Sustain An Award-Winning Culture Through Extreme Change

Employee experience might just be the single biggest lever for revenue. Recent research from SalesForce on over 1,000 companies shows that improvements to employee...
The Culture Code

How A Personalized Approach Solved For Attrition with SugarCRM’s CHRO

Turnover is costly, in terms of both money and culture. Research estimates show that losing an employee costs a company approximately 33% of that employee’s yearly salary.
The Culture Code

The Key To A Thriving Culture? Develop Your Emerging Leaders with the CPO of...

Leadership development is the lever for a thriving culture. Gallup research indicates that 70% of engagement can be traced back to an employee’s relationship with their manager. At DocuSign, employees actively love their leaders.
The Culture Code

What Being A CPO Looks Like At A Small Company with CPO of Aperian

To write a great essay, you have to learn to write a great paragraph. To write a great paragraph, you have to learn to write a great sentence. A great company culture is developed the same way: You have to drive culture at each level of the organization, from departments to teams, team members, and individual actions.
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