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The Culture Code

An Authentic Culture Is The Ultimate Moat with the CPO of Dave

In a recent conversation with Chief People Officer (CPO) Shannon Sullivan, she said, “Building real authentic culture is a moat because it's hard to replicate. You've got to be really deliberate about how you build it.”
The Culture Code

The Secret To Great Company Culture Is ‘Less But Better’ with the CPO of...

There’s no one-size-fits-all way to sustain company culture. Often, the best strategies for sustaining culture are those that are unique to a company. At Headspace, I couldn’t help but admire how aligned their initiatives are with their product and mission.
The Culture Code

The Case For Putting Your Mission At The Heart Of Your Strategy with Waymo’s...

Across my thirty plus interviews with chief people officers (CPOs), Waymo serves as one of the best examples of how a strong sense of purpose can drive culture and ultimately growth strategy. In this interview with CPO Becky Bucich, she does a brilliant job of breaking down Waymo’s culture and the work her team does to foster it.
The Culture Code

Drive Employee Engagement By Building A Culture Of Caring with One Medical’s CPO

Gallup and LEADx research on employee experience shows that “your manager cares” is now a top five driver of employee engagement. It makes sense: When your leader cares, they’re much more likely to be tuned in to your career and job satisfaction. In turn, you’re much more willing to forgive small mistakes and stressors.
The Culture Code

The Case For Intertwining Company Culture And Product with NerdWallet’s CPO

Luque described how NerdWallet’s culture is tied to its product: “When I think about what we provide to consumers, I'm not surprised that it mirrors how I describe our internal culture.
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