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How The CPO Of Sam’s Club Develops Great Leaders

How The CPO Of Sam’s Club Develops Great Leaders

Christopher Shryock began his role as the SVP and Chief People Officer of Sam’s Club nearly two years ago, in the midst of the pandemic. Responsible for all aspects of human resources for Sam’s Club, Shryock had (and still has) his work cut out for him. How, for example, does he scale leadership development and culture to 100,000 associates across 600 locations? And, with so much under his purview, how does he decide which problems and ideas to focus his attention on? 
Business Coaching Services Definition, Cost, and Benefits

Business Coaching Services: Definition, Cost, and Benefits

Most organizations leverage some form of coaching. Leadership coaching programs have a proven positive impact on performance, well-being, coping skills, engagement, and attitude. Business coaching is one type of coaching that tends to focus less on people and leadership skills, and more on business processes, performance, and strategy.
The 19 Best Leadership Development Books

The 20 Best Leadership Development Books

In the ocean of some 50,000+ leadership books, it’s all too easy to get lost trying to decipher which are actually the most useful. Which books will best give your leaders that competitive edge? Which would be the most engaging? And, which would make the biggest difference for their teams and their greater organization?
7 Great Examples of Leadership Development Programs (1)

7 Great Examples of Leadership Development Programs

A strong leadership development program is the lever for engagement and culture. Managers account for 70% of engagement. And, engagement is directly tied to results. For example, companies scoring in the top 25% of engagement saw 95% better earnings per share. Research also shows that companies scoring in the top 25% of employee engagement are 17% more productive and 21% more profitable.

LEADERSHIP CIRCLE PROFILE (LCP): Reflect On Your Coaching Journey

Congratulations! You’ve come to the end of the coaching plan. This final activity can be a powerful way to anchor your growth and progress.  Reflect...

ACTIVITY: Leadership Circle Complying Dimension

The Complying dimension measures the extent to which you get a sense of self-worth and security by complying with the expectations of others rather...

ACTIVITY: Leadership Circle Protecting Dimension

The Protecting dimension measures the belief that you can protect yourself and establish a sense of worth through withdrawal, remaining distant, hidden, aloof, cynical,...

ACTIVITY: Leadership Circle Controlling Dimension

The Controlling dimension measures how you establish a sense of personal security and worth through task accomplishment, personal achievement, power, and control. The Controlling dimension comprises...

ACTIVITY: Time to Review & Reflect

Congratulations! You have taken action to increase all of your Creative dimensions and are two-thirds of the way through this coaching plan. You should...
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