Social Styles (Tracom SOCIAL STYLE®)

The Social Styles model, developed by psychologists Merrill and Reid, puts people in four quadrants: Analyticals, Drivers, Expressives and Amiables. Each has a preferred ways of acting, thinking and making decisions.

“We can increase our chances of success in any endeavor where the people factor is involved...if we can describe and adjust to others’ behaviors.” --David Merrill, PhD


The Social Styles Test Improves Communication, Problem Solving, Versatility, And Sales Results


The Golden Rule says to treat others the way YOU want to be treated. But the SOCIAL STYLE Platinum Rule shows you how to treat others the way THEY want to be treated. The impact of the Platinum Rule is profound.

But what’s the ROI of Social Styles?

“SOCIAL STYLES provides valuable self-awareness, insight and practical strategies for dealing with others.”
-Joann Baney, PhD, Columbia University

Learn How Social Styles Can Help Your Team Fulfill Their Full Potential