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Every Manager Deserves A Coach

The LEADx Certified Leadership Coaching Team (who goes by the name “Coach Amanda”) can answer questions related to leadership, management, and productivity. Ask questions like:

  • How can I give feedback to someone without making them upset?
  • I have a question about my DISC results…
  • I'm working on my IDP and want to get better at communication. What resources on LEADx can help?
  • Things have been pretty overwhelming lately. How can I become more resilient?
  • Can you recommend any coaching plans for Women in Leadership?
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Save Your Seat: Free Trial

No calls or additional info required. We’ll set your trial up in 5 business days. Questions? Contact our Head of Content Evan Watkins — evan@leadx.org.

Trusted by companies big and small

Tricia Reese

VP of Leadership, Learning, and OD at Ascensus

“For our first-line leaders, we added the ability to chat with a coach on-demand. That way, when a challenge or question comes up, they have support right then and there from a seasoned expert.”

Dr. Travis Bradberry

Author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and CPO at LEADx

“The LEADx app is nothing short of revolutionary. Its AI-driven, on-demand coaching and micro-learning make new leadership behaviors stick.”

Rob Daniel

Director of Commercial Leadership Development at Ferring Pharmaceuticals

“Our salesforce has a lot on their plate. They spend their time in their cars, on planes, and with customers. To have something that’s flexible and can meet them where they are is essential.”

Additional Resources

For questions or more info, contact our Head of Content Evan Watkins at evan@leadx.org.