Facilitate effective meetings with direct reports.

I am here to tell you that the single most effective tool managers have at their disposal is the one-on-one meeting. You heard me right! It’s the meeting that is actually productive!

A weekly one-on-one is a powerful way to maintain alignment, productivity and employee engagement. When designed right, it can be absolutely critical to the success of your organization.



Investing just a little bit of time into this training can help you:

STOP WASTING TIME and resources.

There is nothing more frustrating than finding out your team member has been working on the wrong task, is way behind schedule, or is wasting resources. This not only is a loss of time but also a loss of money. By introducing a weekly O3 as a regular practice, you can save time, money, and a lot of frustration!

Maintain alignment and productivity.

Despite their busy schedules, industry leaders say the O3 is the most important tool to keep their team working towards the right goals. This in turn increases productivity.

Design the most effective MEETING YOU'VE EVER HAD.

Without the right agenda, your best efforts will be wasted. Asking the right questions to get the most out of each meeting is crucial.

"The lines between management and leadership are really blurred. You need to manage tasks and you need to lead your people."

meet your instructor, kevin kruse

Kevin is a successful entrepreneur having won both Best Place to Work and Inc. 500 awards, a New York Times bestselling author of six books, and a Forbes leadership columnist whose clients include Fortune 500 CEOs, members of Congress, Pentagon generals, and non-profit leaders.

In pursuit of the American Dream, Kevin Kruse started his first company when he was just 22 years old. After discovering the power of Wholehearted Leadership, Employee Engagement and Extreme Productivity, Kevin went on to build and sell several, multimillion dollar technology companies.

He is the author of the NY Times bestseller, We: How to Increase Performance and Profits Through Full Engagement, Employee Engagement 2.0, and 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management.

Kevin has traveled the glove as a keynote speaker on leadership, productivity and entrepreneurship and is rated among the top keynote speakers at events he attends.

Today, Kevin is on a mission to spark, over the next 10 years, 100 million intentional leaders and is the Founder & CEO of LEADx.

What others say about this training

“Great content, fun to use, and we actually saw employee engagement scores increase for the managers who used it.”
Tracy Budge
Global Operations, Red Nucleus
"I loved the 20 minute video (From Individual Contributor to First Time Manager) and hope there are more like that coming! I want to use these videos with my managers."
Craig L.
LEADxAcademy Member
"The LeadX tools and webinars have been a huge help as I've recently moved into a department with 30 professionals where morale and engagement was a challenge. Webinars on leadership and engagement have been very helpful! Thanks"
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"Great content and presentation. I found the courses and webinars to be engaging and helpful. Enjoyed the blend of both effective leadership and personal productivity. I specifically found the transition from to-do lists to calendars very insightful and look forward to implementing into my day-to-day routine."
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"Great job on the site. LEADx is a real inspiration and "mentor" for me."
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"All of your content, website/books/podcasts, is awesome! They are informative, and my favorite part, actionable!"
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"There is so much great information in LeadX Academy and on the podcast."
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"I love the LeadX Academy, have learnt so much from it."
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I was a micro managing boss that cared about the results, and how they were achieved more than the people achieving them. I found LEADx about 3 months ago, and as I listened and interacted, my life changed. Because of the lessons taught by you, the guests of LEADx and the curriculum of the LEADx Academy, Ive been able to completely rewrite my approach to leadership and associate development and engagement. My Q12 scores went from 67 to 90, In 6 months.
Jason I.
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A new course from LEADxAcademy that will teach you...

How you and your company will benefit from weekly one-on-ones

Logistics and tips for conducting the most effective weekly one-on-ones

The perfectly designed one-on-one weekly agenda you can use to get the most out of your meeting

The most common push-backs to one-on-ones from your team members and how respond

Here's how this course breaks down

Lesson 1

How You Will Benefit from One-On-Ones

  • How you can stop wasting time and resources
  • Why industry leaders say it’s the single most important tool
  • How your O3 will drive growth and foster relationships that lead to less turnover

Lesson 2

When and Where Should You Host One on Ones

  • How to fit these meetings into your already packed schedule
  • The ideal day of the week, length, frequency, and other logistical tips
  • How to ensure your location is suitable for conversation that supports openness

Lesson 3

How Long is a One on One?

  • The ideal duration for a weekly one on one
  • How you can ensure minimum cancellations
  • Learn to plan all your meetings like a pro 

Lesson 4

The Perfect One on One Agenda

  • Whether the meeting “belongs” to the manager or employee and why
  • A model agenda  and walk- through of examples you can apply to any one on one meeting
  • How to use open-ended questions that focus in on your top priorities and offer support to your reports

Lesson 5

Bonus- More One-on-One Questions

  • How to get reluctant team members to open up
  • Samples of start-stop-change excersises
  • Learn how to steer the conversation to get the desired results

Lesson 6

Tips for Effective One-on-Ones

  • How to rephrase the questions you normally ask so they produce better answers
  • Learn to establish a proper flow of communication and stay totally focused
  • How you can ensure the team member is aligned with the goals of the organization.

Lesson 7

Common Questions About One-on-Ones

  • The most common objections to one on ones and how to respond
  • Ease your team members (and yourself!)  into this new model
  • How you can avoid misconceptions surrounding one on ones
  • How to announce your new practice

Hit "play" to watch the first lesson for free!

So how much would it help your career if you knew how to...

Stop wasting time and resources.

How much time and energy would it save if you could easily and regularly check in with your team members? What if you could get to the bottom of hurdles and frustrations before they because problems?

Maintain alignment and productivity.

How much easier would it be if all of your team members were on the same page and goals were clear for everyone? How much would it impact your organization's growth if every member of your team was actively engaged?

Design the most effective One on one meeting agenda.

How much would it help you to know how to perfectly design a meeting so that everyone's needs were met? How great would it be to know exactly what questions to ask to get the desired results?




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