LEADx Stress Assessment

Workplace Stress Assessment

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Get A Quick and Accurate Assessment of Stress

It’s difficult to overcome your stress if you don’t know where you stand. The LEADx Stress Assessment is a short self-assessment based on the most widely used stress assessment in the world (the Perceived Stress Scale).

This assessment will help your workforce:

  • Reflect on stressors and stress levels.
  • Grow their self-awareness around stress.
  • Understand if their stress level is low, moderate, or high.
LEADx Stress Assessment
Alisa Miller, CHRO, IAT Insurance Group
“Our leaders feel fully supported when we can give them a tool like LEADx that takes what they’re already doing to the next level. It’s a compliment to what we already offer and a very on-demand, in-the-moment solution.”
—Alisa Miller, CHRO, IAT Insurance Group

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