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What is LEADx?

1000+ Learning Assets

Managers love the LEADx Online Course Library that enables them to learn when, where and how they want. Content includes microlearning lessons, expert webinars, podcast interviews, print-ready job aids, and even business book summaries. The management training curriculum covers new manager training topics like giving feedback, delegating effectively, one-on-one meetings, coaching and even tips for first-time managers. Second-line leaders can choose more advanced topics including employee engagement, authentic leadership, conflict management and more.

HR Chatbot Executive Coach

The only AI-powered chatbot built for management training and coaching. The "Coach Amanda" HR chatbot is like having a great leadership coach in your pocket. Ask Amanda about employee problems or for leadership tips. And she teaches dozens of leadership development topics including giving feedback, delegation, and one-on-one meetings.Because the Coach Amanda HR chatbot knows your personality, she’ll personalize your manager training down to the sentence level.

Send Customized Nudges

Drive Leadership Behaviors with AI-powered Nudge Theory. It’s called the Knowing-Doing Gap. Your managers know what to do (you’ve trained them well), but they don’t actually do it. When we get busy or stressed we forget to apply our new skills and default to our old ways. With LEADx Nudge Stream you can apply nudge theory to gently remind your managers to lead with their best selves. AI-driven and personalized, each nudge is designed to trigger specific behaviors around things like recognition, coaching, employee engagement and more.

Set Up A Coaching Goal

It’s similar to how you would work with a human executive coach. You begin by picking an area to get better and Amanda helps you to you write a SMART goal. There are many topics in the system that you can choose from, but you can also write your own goal and plan. Or many organizations assign coaching plans to their employees so that the whole company is working towards similar goals and staying in sync as an organization.

"Great content, fun to use, and we actually saw employee engagement scores increase for the managers who used it."
—Tracy Budge
Global Operations, Red Nucleus

"Our employee engagement scores increased dramatically after giving everyone Coach Amanda."

—Ian Kelly, CEO, Red Nucleus